Wine, Dine & Shop

A large range of pubs, bars and restaurants; quality specialized shopping spots
Wine and Dine
Small as it may be, the Quartier Saint-Jacques boasts more than twenty places for drinking or dining out. Trendy bars are neighbours to traditional and popular pubs. Food-wise, the types of cuisine you may try out is extensive. Italian? La Caneva, the or the Pou qui Tousse for instance. Asian? Welcome to the Mam Mam or the Asian Grill. French? L'Atelier de Michel D. International? Check out Le Cecle des Voyageurs. We could go on. See the complete list on the  Area Map!
The Quartier Saint-Jacques is becoming more and more known as the "second-hand book & music centre". Correct! But besides that we still boast a Master of Clocks, a "luthier", a creator of hats; trades that have now become rare and therefore even more essential. Not forgetting our flower shops, food outlets, coin and stamp resellers of course. See the whole list on the Area Map!