Living in the Quartier Saint-Jacques


Our Residents' Association oversees the harmonious development of the area
An informal, voluntary and willing group
We gather every second Tuesday of the month at 18.30 in one of  the area's bars or restaurants. Subscribe to our mailing list if you live in the Quartier Saint-Jacques and wish to link up with us.
Positive, or quite simply necessary initiatives
Such as taking part in the debate around traffic, parking and pedestrian-only zones. Organizing a neighbours' party. building and maintaining this website. passing on information to inhabitants and shopkeepers alike. Putting our worries or proposals to the authorities in charge of urban affairs. Defending the diversity of shops. So many rather diverting tasks that are certainly profitable for all.

But we also talk with the police to improve security, or avoid excessive nightly noise and ask the "politicians" in charge to take our requests into account.

Feel like participating?